T here are thousands of slot games available online which makes the decision on which one you should gamble at extremely difficult. The best way to discover the best titles is by playing at sites that offer “Free Play”. It enables players to try all the games with no risk of losing money, but also no chance of winning real money. You can then try lots of different titles to see which ones you like the most along with gaining a full understanding of how they work to increase your winning chances.

The type of slot game you choose will alter your odds of winning which is why you need to find the house edge displayed at the casino to see what the percentage is. Also one other vital aspect you need to confirm before depositing is that it uses RNG technology. This tech provides provably fair odds which mean operators can not increase their house edge to cheat players out of money. If you play at an online casino you will find an outstanding choice of Random Number Generated slots to choose from.

#1: Penny Slots

If you are playing slots simply because you enjoy the game, then penny slots are the best option. You will get lots of plays for your money and a small deposit could see you playing for hours. The odds are the worst compared to any other slot machine and typically they payout between 15 - 20% less than max bet slots.

#2: Max Bet Slots

If you want to win a life-changing jackpot by playing slots you will need to play at max bet slot games. You will need to large bankroll to play these types as each player can set you back a lot of money. If however a big win or jackpot spins in you will profit by vast amounts and may even be able to retire by using ones that have a progressive jackpot.

#3: Progressive Slots

The type of slots you should be playing if you want to win big are ones that have a progressive jackpot. These are machines that are interlinked to a vast network and each bet that places a small contribution is made to the jackpot. Over the space of a month, this amount can be in the millions at some of the most popular casinos. It is like playing the lottery only with better odds.


While slot machines are a lot of fun they are also the game that gives players the least chance of winning. If you play them over the long-term the operator will come out on top. The best way to beat the house is by finding offers that have free spins with no deposit. That way you will not be risking any cash but will get paid out if you are able to hit the wager amount to active payout. Also, keep your eyes open for gambling sites that offer cash back on all bets made as that will lower the house edge and increase your chances.