For some, slot machines are all together a simple game that implies sitting down and pumping coins all night long in the hope they will hit the jackpot. However, if you do this then know that the amount of money lost in the process is far greater than the one you will win.

It is important to note that if you want to get the jackpot, then you have to understand that the slot machines operate on RNG and that the odds of failure are bigger than those of winning. Even if you have the option to stop the reels yourself, then there is also no guarantee that you will win. Because they don't understand the basics of how slot machines work, many players fall into the following traps.

1. Come up with a "system"

Seeing people act strangely in front of the slot machines is a common sight in casinos. Even if they don't practice some funny, yet bizarre ritual before pulling the reel, some players think that by coming up with a system they will be able to win. Regardless of whether your system implies playing a certain number of times on a machine before switching to another or waiting for a given period before pulling the reel again, neither of these things actually work. In fact, all they do is to amplify the feeling of failure.

2. Playing too fast

Because they acknowledge that slot machines are a game of chances, some gamblers strongly believe that by playing at a faster pace they can increase their chances of winning the jackpot. First off, it is necessary to mention that by accelerating the play you are taking all the fun out of this game. In addition, a faster play also implies pumping in more coins and hence, losing more money in the long run. The bottom line is that the RNG is capable of generating hundreds of combinations in between spins and even the fastest player could not overcome that.

3. Believing the "payout is due" myth

Players who don't comprehend the concept of random number generator very well have a tendency of thinking that after a while the slot machine is due for payout. However, the payouts are just as random as the spins so hitting the jackpot can happen any time.

4. Drifting into a negative state of mind

Well, while it is normal to feel a little upset about losing so much cash at slot machines, getting depressed over the fact that you didn't win defeats the purpose of playing this game. Another common situation is getting overwhelmed by bad feelings because someone else won the jackpot. In all fairness, due to RNG even if you were sitting at that machine, there were little chances to win to begin with.

5. Signing up with the wrong casino

Mesmerized by the bundle of promotions they get for signing up with a casino, some players don't read the terms and conditions carefully and realize this is a rip off or a scam bonus a little too late. Don't get carried away by huge bonuses, since in most cases they are limited by the sum you deposit in your account.