As you start you search for the best online slots, you need to know it’s about volume. At times, it’s hard to gauge just how far the online casino industry has come in the last 10 years. The best way to get a grip on the industry’s progress might be as easy as looking at the growing number of software developers that are developing online casino games for a growing number of online casino websites.

With dozens of new online casino software developers populating the gambling landscape, it’s near impossible to state exact numbers. With that said, it’s clear the online slot enthusiasts can get access to as many as a thousand online video slots by simply registering with any number of popular online casino websites. That very fact warrants further discussion.

The Evolution of Online Slots

In the early days of online casino gambling, casino sites were restricted to online casino games that were being provided by the website’s dedicated software platform. That meant one software platform, one library of video slots. This level of restriction was dictated by the fact the industry’s software developers could not agree on using a common software development protocol.

That all changed back about six or seven years ago when HTML5 became the protocol of choice. Since then, it’s been easier for software developers to create online slots that could be easily integrated with any online casino software platform that was created with the same HTML5 protocol.

The winners of this evolution have been online slot enthusiasts who now have access to an amazing number of video slots. Today, it’s quite common for a new online casino site to carry online slots being provided by as many as a dozen or more of the industry’s top software developers. Imagine that. Registering with one online casino website can earn a slot enthusiast access to hundreds of the industry’s top video slots from the likes of software developers like Netent, Playtech, Microgaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, Play’n Go, and Betsoft. To find some of the top slot sites in the UK click here and begin playing today.

Better Games

One of the extra benefits that came when industry software developers turned to HTML5 programming was the ability they suddenly had to create great bonus features. For those people who might not remember back a decade ago, slot players were lucky to get access to video slots with decent bonus features and interactive bonus games. They just didn’t exist because software developers were limited by the tools of their trade. HTML5 opened the door.

Today, slot players should have no difficulty finding fun and exciting video slots that include not one, but several interactive bonus features that offer opportunities to win extra dollars.

The really good news is that as the industry continues it’s shift towards mobile gambling, there is no indication the video slots train is going to stop rolling. It turns out that video slots developed for mobile apps can support all the same bonus features offered by online casino websites. More than ever before, online casino players have access to thousands of fun and exciting video slots no matter what platform they choose.