Out of all the casino games available to players, slot machines are hardly the most glamorous, though they are the most popular. The combination of fast bucks, massive jackpots and great playability has seen the popularity of online slot machines soar, often resulting in improvements in gameplay and new designs, and driving more people to give the slots a turn.

Fruit Slots

Ever since the creation of "one-armed-bandit" machines originally found in pubs and bars, fruits have become a time-honoured association with slot machines, so much so, that they are often still labelled "fruit machines" in brick and mortar establishments. The berries, cherries and melons, with players requiring matching sets of fruits to win a set prize, sat alongside bright number 7s and the BAR sign, all deriving from the early history of the machines, which used to pay out prizes in chewing gum. Needless to say, much higher prizes are sought after by the average slot player today.

Themed Slots

With slot machine popularity waning in the nineties, casinos sought a way to refresh the once popular games. Many sites reasoned that fresh themes would spark new interest amongst players, which it did. Adventure and pop culture references became most popular, and paved the way for the development of video slots.

Video Slots

Like any other game, slot machines have been brought into the 21st century by using the latest gaming technology to make slots less standard and more of a playable experience. With smart phone usage rife amongst all ages, graphics and playability are no longer difficult to achieve, so the demand is rife for slots and what are often labelled "super slots". It is no wonder that sites only remotely connected with traditional gambling are operating video slot machines in a host of different ways, while territories with a traditionally high level of slot activity, such as the United States and Australia, have seen this activity boosted further.


While slot machines have rarely required much skill, they have always had the allure of big jackpots for little outlay. As times have changed and the everyday guy has had more access to games and tutorials, more players have veered away from luck-based games and opted for table games more recognised for their skill - until now. The demand for increased playability has seen casinos dramatically increase investment in the development of its slot games, to the degree that some games can now feature joysticks or pads. Using extra skill responses to the traditional slot format has developed the game into something it has always promised to be - a satisfying gaming experience that also promises an opportunity to win big.