There are many great platforms for slots and, no matter the time of year, you will find fantastic promotions for this format of the game. The best casino for Xmas will have special promotions along with themed slot machines to get its players in the mood. It is this attention to detail that makes the top platforms stand out, and below I will talk about my tips for 2019.

There are so many different video slot machines online that offer different ways of winning. Many have more than 100 paylines which means that in a single spin you can make a fortune. What makes the best slots are the bonus round as if the symbols drop in to activate this on the top games, players can win a huge amount. With multiple wins spinning in along with amazing graphics and awesome sounds, it adds to the excitement.

If you want to sample the best slots you need to play 3D versions as thanks to advances in graphics technology they add a layer of realism that cannot be found with traditional slot machines. In 2019 there are also a number of virtual and augmented reality casinos where you can access a wide range of slot machines to play that take things to the next level.

If you want to win big by playing slots in 2019, make sure you only use progressive jackpot machines as the amount that can be won can reach millions. You will need a big budget to play these games however as most are only available if the max bet amount option is used. To get extra money to gamble with make sure you deposit in conjunction with a bonus offer. Also, make sure you check that it is available on progressive jackpot games as you do not want to get extra free money or spins if you cannot use it on the ones you wish to play.

To be successful at slots it is important to know what each symbol represents along with how the bonus round works so you can enjoy the maximum benefits. Try to find the version of the game you wish to play in free play mode, so that you can work out how each of the features works along with understanding the paytable.

All of the top online casinos have systems in place to help gamblers to stop spending more than they can afford. The best way to do this is by finding sites that allow you to add a limit to the deposit amount. This means that you cannot spend more than your set budget so you will never get into any financial problems. Winning at slots is all about staying in the game and waiting for a huge jackpot to roll in so bankroll management is a vital aspect to become successful.


There are lots of free spins offers up for grabs in 2019 from all the top casinos along with new casino sites launching. Make sure you take advantage of these so you can sample the latest slot machines along with gaining a chance of winning for real without risks.